Volcon 300W Portable Power Station


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Volcon 300W Portable Power Station

300W Portable Power 

Dimensions: 22x180.4x102.95

Net Weight: 3.6KG

Certification: CEFCC ROSH PSE

Cell Chemistry System: LifePO4 

Lifecycles: 3000 Cycles with battery capacity remaining above 70%

Battery Maintenance: Charge every 3-6 months

Charge multiple devices at once.

Ports: 1x18W Type-C, 1x60W Type-C, 2x 18W USB, 1xDC-in 11V - 25V port, 2xDC-Out

Safety : LiFePO4 batteries are often regarded as the safer of the two due to their chemistry, which is less prone to overheating or exploding. By contrast, while lithium-ion batteries are generally safe when used properly, they have been known to overheat and catch fire if they are damaged or improperly handled. 

In most ways, LiFePO4 batteries are better than comparable lithium-ion batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are less prone to combustion and thermal runaway, making them safer for home use. Plus, a longer cycle life means the LiFePO4 batteries will outlast lithium-ion for up to five times longer.

Cost: LiFePO4 batteries are typically less expensive to produce than lithium-ion batteries, but they also have a lower energy density, so more are needed to power an EV, which can offset the cost advantage.

Life span: Other lithium-ion batteries offer a wide range of lifespans from as short as 500 cycles (1.36 years) to as long as 3000 cycles (8.21 years). As mentioned in the beginning, LiFePO4 enjoys approximately 4000+ cycles (10.95 years) which means you'll be using this battery for a decade or more

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