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Kensington ProFit Ergo TB550 Wireless Bluetooth Trackball Mouse - Black

Whether you’re working from home, the office or on-the-go, today’s users seek device solutions that prioritise both comfort and productivity, whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront. The Pro Fit Ergo TB550 Trackball allows users to effortlessly transition from a mouse to a trackball and unlock the ergonomic advantages and space-saving benefits it offers. With its thoughtful design, the TB550 utilises 51% recycled material, reducing the use of new plastics. Bluetooth Low Energy or 2.4GHz wireless connectivity offer maximum flexibility. The TB550 also features a rechargeable battery, a 4D scroll wheel and a patented ball ejection system that simplifies cleaning. Elevate your work setup with the Pro Fit Ergo TB550 Trackball - where comfort, productivity and sustainability converge.


Ergonomic Design

A sculpted design provides all-day comfort. The Pro Fit Ergo TB550 features a unique 45° tilt that helps improve wrist and forearm alignment. A 4D scroll wheel supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

Dual Wireless (Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) + 2.4GHz) Connection Options

The Pro Fit Ergo TB550 includes a choice of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) and 2.4GHz wireless connections (2.4GHz USB-A nano receiver included).

Rechargeable Battery

The Pro Fit Ergo TB550 provides up to 4 months of battery life from a single charge.

51% of overall plastic is recycled material

Kensington is committed to help reduce the impact of plastic on the global environment.

Patented Cleaning System

The Pro Fit Ergo TB550’s unique, easy-to-clean design features a built-in trackball ejection button to effortlessly remove the trackball for cleaning when needed.

High-Quality Optical Tracking

An optical sensor accurately tracks the 34mm thumb-operated trackball, giving users smooth cursor control and optimal precision. The trackball features 4 switchable cursor speeds (400, 800, 1200 and 1600 DPI).

Plug & Play Installation

Users will be up and running quickly thanks to Plug & Play Installation for simple setup. The trackball features 7 programmable buttons that can be personalised with free KensingtonWorks software to enhance productivity.

128-bit AES Encryption

The Pro Fit Ergo TB550 includes government-grade 128-bit AES encryption for enhanced security to deter hackers.

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