Kensington 16-inch 2-way Removable Notebook Privacy Screen Filter 628662

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Kensington 16-inch 2-way Removable Notebook Privacy Screen Filter


Limited Viewing Angle

With a ±30° viewing angle, our privacy screen filters ensure only the person using the device will be able to see what’s on screen.

Anti-Glare and Blue Light Filter

Built-in anti-glare and blue light filters ease eye strain and reduce the chance of natural sleep pattern interruptions.

Touchscreen Compatible

Our privacy screen filters work with laptops and monitors with touchscreen functionality.

Effective Screen Protection

Adds an extra layer of physical protection to your screen, reducing the risk of scratches and other damage.

Two installation Options

Mounting tabs allow repeated removal and re-attachment, or adhesive tape for a cleaner look.

Reversible Viewing

One side has a matte finish to reduce glare and fingerprints. The other side is glossy and provides a clearer view of the screen.

Will the Privacy Screen Filter Fit My device?

Check device and filter compatibility at

Technical Specification

Screen Size: 16"/43.2cm
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Screen Type: Laptop
Application Type: Double sided tape/tabs
Device Type: Laptop
Reversible: Yes

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