Hyper HyperDrive Next 6-port USB-C Hub Midnight Blue HD4002GL


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Hyper HyperDrive Next 6-port USB-C Hub - Midnight Blue 

Introducing the HyperDrive Next 6 USB-C Hub - the portable connectivity solution for creators, editors, photographers, and more. With extended 4K 60 Hz monitor support for Mac, PC, and Chromebook, 6 ultra-fast ports, and lightning-fast data transfers, unleash your creative potential anywhere. Experience 2X faster file transfers using the 10 Gbps USB ports and 3X faster photo and video transfers with SD 4.0. Charge your device while using with 100 W pass-through power and make a sustainable choice with EcoSmart technology.


Extended 4K 60 Hz monitor support for Mac, PC, and Chromebook

  • Enhance your productivity and multitasking capabilities by providing a spacious and immersive workspace, allowing users to simultaneously view and work on multiple high-resolution content, such as videos, images, documents, and applications, with smooth and crisp visuals.

Transfer data at 2x speeds with 10 Gbps USB 3.1

  • Enables lightning-fast data transfer, allowing users to move large files, backup data, and sync devices in a fraction of the time compared to traditional USB connections, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Transfer photos and video at 3x speeds with 312 MB/s SD

  • Provides significant time savings for video editing and photography workflows, as it allows for ultra-fast and efficient transfer of high-resolution images and videos, enabling seamless editing, quicker file backups, and accelerated post-production processes.

Pass-through charging with 100 W PD 3.0

  • Power and charge your devices with up to 85 W when using an optional 100 W PD 3.0 charger* with the hub, ensuring uninterrupted productivity, making it ideal for power-hungry devices and busy professionals on the go.

EcoSmart sustainability without compromise

  • Faster speeds and better for the planet with 100% recycled Aluminium and 85% recycled plastic.

Technical Specification

HDMI: 1 x 4K 60Hz
SD: 1 x 312 MB/s
USB-A: 2 x 10 Gbps
USB-C: 1 x 10 Gbps, 1 x 100 W PD 3.0
Weight: 0.07 kg
Dimensions: 11.5 x 3.7 x 1.5 cm
Colour: Midnight Blue


  • Mac
  • Windows PC
  • Chromebook

* When connected to a PD 3.0 compatible host and optional USB-C charger.

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