Antec A400 RGB CPU Cooler 120mm Black and Copper Metallic 1800rpm 0-761345-10921-5

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Antec A400 RGB. Suitable for: Processor, Type: Cooler, Fan diameter: 12 cm. Product colour: Black, Copper, Metallic, Number of fans: 1 fan(s), Illumination colour: Multi. Width: 76 mm, Depth: 125 mm, Height: 155 mm. Package type: Box

CPU Cooler
A400 RGB
Durable, Colorful, and Exceptional

4-PIN Connector PWM Silent Fan
Automatically controls the fan speed according to the temperature of CPU efficiently and decreases fan noise.

Technical Design of Direct-Touched Heat Pipes
Attach the aluminum cold plate to the surface of a CPU directly, and it can constantly reduce the heat by passing the thermal energy to every fin.

4 Pure Copper Heat Pipes
High thermal conductivity can take the heat out of the CPU quickly.

Easy Installation

Longer Lifespan
MTBF: 50000 hours

An add-on ANTEC Golden Grease with professional formula brings better viscosity and heat-transferring efficiency, making your CPU way cooler!

Warranty: 3 Years

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