Seagate Enterprise Exos 5E8 3.5-inch 8TB Serial ATA III Internal Hard Drive ST8000AS0003

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Seagate Enterprise Exos 5E8. HDD size: 3.5", HDD capacity: 8000 GB

The Seagate Exos 5E8 hard drives are the most affordable enterprise-class drives designed specifically for active-archive applications in cloud storage, cold storage and online data archiving. Exos 5E8 provides power-efficient, high-density storage for 24×7 data centre operations.

Reliable Active-Archive Enterprise Hard Drive
Exos 5E8 hard drives support up to 8 TB per drive and offer affordable cold storage for data centre infrastructures requiring a highly reliable enterprise hard drive. The Exos 5E8 hard drive helps to catalyse the datasphere, enabling data centre architects and IT professionals to deliver trusted performance, rock-solid reliability and ironclad security. Exos 5E8 is designed to best perform when write workloads are primarily sequential in nature. For more random write workloads, we recommend Exos 7E8.

Store More Data at Lower Costs
The Exos 5E8 hard drives are backed by an 800,000 hour MTBF and support workloads of 180 TB per year. The Exos 5E8 offers a low cost/TB online data archive solution with a SATA 6 Gb/s interface that optimises burst performance, and on-demand, time-to-ready PowerChoice™ technology to help ensure low power consumption.

Efficiently Lower Your TCO
Exos 5E8 ensures archival data confidence with a reliable, low-power data retrieval based on Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology for efficient cold storage operations even in harsh data centre environments. The Exos 5E8 serves up impressive sequential throughput and is intended for use in large-scale data centres where density, power consumption, data integrity and data retrieval are paramount.

Enhanced Enterprise Reliability, Data Protection and Security
Exos 5E8 drives deliver exceptional security to help protect data where it lives — on the drive. Exos 5E8 safeguards firmware with Secure Downloads & Diagnostics.

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