First Shop Partner Network

Earn money by driving traffic and promoting sales across South Africa's largest IT marketplace.

Getting started

You can share available products on First Shop with your audience through customized linking tools and earn money on qualifying purchases.

Just remember to share your unique web link that you receive once you’ve registered on First Shop. The link you receive will have the “ref=” and then your code. Share on Facebook, Whatsapp, your website or any platform that is suited to your business. We even give you weekly content that you can use to help promote products.

Video tutorials

How to Join the Partner Network

It’s easy, simply click on join now, complete your details and watch your inbox for a mail from us. As long as you meet the partner criteria you will start earning in no time.

Your Dashboard

Learn everything you need to know about how to create your own link with your referral code, sharing your link on social media and other platforms, track your commission earnings and your monitor your conversion rates. Click on the above video to learn more and start earning…

Marketing Content for You

We provide you with downloadable content and images that you can share with your network. Share our content with your unique referral link and we’ve taken the hard work out of posting for you. Click on the above video to learn more and start posting and sharing…

Frequently asked questions

Who is First Shop?

Trusted by our clients for over 30 years, First Shop is the leading marketplace for First Technology customers, brands and vendors to shop technology products in South Africa.

Which products are eligible for me to earn commission?

First Shop offers a wide array of products that appeal to a large audience. Our partners will earn commission off any product that is published and purchased off the No commission is earned from any First Shop related websites.

How long does it take to be an approved partner of First Shop?

Depending on how complete your application is on submission, this could take up to 48 hours to review. Please look out for any email from which may ask for additional information.

I accidently shared the generic URL without my referral code, how can I still earn on this customer?

We can help fix this for you. Simply email us with the client’s order number and email address and we can make sure you get your commission if it falls under the terms of use.

How do I change my banking details?

Log into your portal and go to settings. Simply click on “Change” next to your payment options and complete the payment details.

Can I get access to the First Shop catalogue and publish it to my own website?

No product feed is available. First Shop does not allow site scrapes.