Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot simplifies the way devices get deployed, reset, and repurposed, with an experience that is zero touch for IT.

Device deployment optimized for hybrid work

Out of the box and ready to go

Unbox and turn on your Windows device. Windows Autopilot configures it from the cloud in a few steps.

Keep track of the whole process

Windows Autopilot shows users how their configuration is progressing.

Provisioning minus the hassle

Deliver a better user experience with personalization and a simple setup.

Move to the cloud at your own pace

Connect devices deployed with Windows Autopilot to Azure Active Directory (AD) and mobile device management.

User-driven mode
Make it easy for end users to set up new devices, without any IT involvement, using Windows Autopilot.

Enrollment status
page Ensure devices are fully configured, compliant, and secure before users can access the desktop.

Support for existing devices
Easily deploy the latest version of Windows 11 to existing devices with apps installed and profiles synched so users can resume work right away.

White glove
Empower partners or IT staff to pre-provision Windows 11 devices to be fully configured and business-ready for organizations and users.

Windows Autopilot reset
Remove personal files, apps, and settings, and reapply the device’s original settings, all while maintaining its identity in Azure AD. Perfect for repurposing a device for the next user.

How it works

With Windows Autopilot, there’s no need to reimage or manually set up new devices before handing them out to your users. Your hardware vendor can ship them, ready to go, straight to your employees.

1. Device registration

The hardware vendor automatically adds new devices to the Windows Autopilot deployment service for you.

2. Profile creation and assignment

Customize set up and configuration by creating a profile to assign to your organization’s devices.

3. Shipping

Your vendor ships devices to users. Turn the device on, go online, and Windows Autopilot delivers apps and settings.

Participant device manufacturers

These brands ship devices using Windows Autopilot. When you purchase from them, your employees receive devices ready to go, just by signing in, with no help from IT.


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