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The KVM-0212 2-Port PS/2 KVM Switch from LevelOne offers users with an easy to install KVM switch that can manage two computers from a single monitor, keyboard and mouse. It allows users to access, control, boot and reboot two PS/2-enabled computers using a single PS/2 keyboard, mouse and.

Flexible Multi-Computer Management Feature
The KVM-0212 offers users with user-programmable simultaneous or independent PC switching. This enables users to work on one computer while simultaneously using the other computer for surfing the Internet or playing games.

One Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor controlling Two Computers
The LevelOne KVM-0212 connects two computer systems to a single PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and monitor. The KVM-0212 is a Plug-and-Play KVM switch that requires no power supply and no additional software installation. Users simply connect the KVM switch to the PS/2 mouse and keyboard and screen ports on each computer.

Easy to Switch between Computers
The KVM-0212 switches between computers either through the pushbuttons located on the switch or by using keyboard hot keys. The KVM switch also offers user the ability to program the auto-scan function for automatic switching between computers. The LED display offers an “at-a-glance” status display for easy computer activity assessment.

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