LIMINK S19 Portable Triple Monitor LIMINK S19


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LIMINK S19 Portable Triple Monitor LIMINK S19


Contact Auality and Performance:

LIMINK S19 Triple Screen Portable Laptop Monitor Expansion Screen, Ideal for 14-17 Inch Laptops. With anti-glare technology, the maximum resolution is 1920x1080P, the refresh rate is 60Hz, the brightness is 300nit, 72% NTSC (100% RGB) and 178°IPS wide viewing angle. At the same time, the LCD IPS FHD 1080P display is used to improve the fineness of the picture, and the HDR mode improves the color reproduction to ensure high-standard picture colors and present rich visual effects. At the same time, the low blue light mode can reduce eye fatigue.

Flexible and Adjustable Usage Mode:

The LIMINK S19 display offers three modes: dual/triple/folding screen, which can perform multiple tasks at the same time, and the maximum folding angle is 235°left and 180°right, which can be used for video editing and stock analysis. You can also easily flip the screen 45°and use it as a second screen for programming or writing articles without worrying about complicated clicks and page switching due to multiple tasks and tabs, suitable for meetings, seminars, Academic research, inventory analysis, post- production, drawing, filming, etc.

Perfect and Powerful Compatibility:

No drivers required, OS and Windows compatible, plug and play! It works on Laptop, Switch, Mobile DEX, Xbox, PS4/5.

Is Your Laptop Suitable for LIMINK S19 Tri-Screen?

Step 1: The screen size must be 14-17 inches, and screen data must meet the following requirements
(1) Length: 12-17 inch(305-430mm)
(2) Height: 8.66 inch(220mm)
(3) Thickness: 0.23-0.35 inch(5.8-9.2mm)
Please note that the 14-inch narrow bezel laptop may not be long enough, please be accurate to "mm" when measuring length.

Step 2: Your laptop must have one of four ports groups:
(1) 2* full function USB-C
(2) 1* full function USB-C + 1* USB-A + 1* HDMI
(3) 1* full function USB-C + 1* normal USB-C + 1* HDMI
(4) 2* USB-A + 2* HDMI
Full function USB-C can transmit video and power, that has symbol "Lightning" or "DP". (Thunderbolts 3/4, USB-C 3.1 Gen1 &mDP, USB- C 3.1 Gen2 & mDP, USB-C 3.2/4.0). Normal USB-C can only transmit power.

Step 3: NOT APPLICABLE if your laptop is one of the following
(1)Mac AIR series (M1 & M2 chip)
(2)Microsoft Surface & Chromebook series
Mac Pro (M1Pro & M1Max chip) Supported.

If your laptop ports are in two situations, you can buy J5 JUA365 HUB to use S19. Laptop USB-A must be USB 3.0 version.

1* normal USB-C + 1* HDMI + 2* USB-A + J5 JUA365 HUB

2* normal USB-C + 1* HDMI + 1* USB-A + J5 JUA365 HUB

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