Cooler Master MasterGel Maker Heat Sink Compound 11 W/m ?K 4 G


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Cooler Master MasterGel Maker. Thermal conductivity: 11 W/m·K, Product colour: Gray, Specific gravity: 2.6 g/cm³. Weight: 4 g

MasterGel Maker is developed for users needing the best thermal conductivity for high performance CPUs, GPUs or even chipsets. The non-curing and non-electrical conductive traits help avoid any short circuiting and provide protection and performance for long-term use. The non-abrasive added Nano Diamond particles allow the MasterGel Maker to be extremely lightweight and easy to spread or remove while avoiding auto-oxidation or erosion overtime.

- Ultra-high conductivity (11 W/m.k)
- Nano Diamond particles maintains through a wide range of temperatures (-50 to 150℃)
- Excellent viscosity makes it easy to spread or remove without cracking or drying out

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