Newland FR80 Salmon Fixed bar code reader 1D/2D CMOS Black

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Newland FR80 Salmon Fixed bar code reader 1D/2D CMOS Black

Type: Fixed bar code reader, Scanner type: 1D/2D, Sensor type: CMOS. Connectivity technology: Wired, Standard interfaces: RS-232,USB, Cable length: 3 m. Product colour: Black, International Protection (IP) code: IP52, Protection features: Dust resistant. Power source type: DC, Power consumption (typical): 2 W, Input voltage: 5 V. Weight: 542 g, Width: 151 mm, Depth: 97.5 mm

The point of sale (POS) system is the heart of any retailer. It’s the touch point with shoppers, who expect an increasingly fast and engaging experience. The FR80 Salmon drives transactions and loyalty by combining all the features you need for a plug-and-play manned or self-service counter. From basket to bags within seconds The FR80's large scan window and sky-high motion tolerance for retail codes, combined with our top megapixel scan engine, make it perfect for food and convenience retail. High Motion Tolerance The FR80 Salmon can capture EAN codes moving at 3.5 meters per second. This is especially significant for the experienced user at a static point of sale (POS), for quickly processing baskets of goods and reducing check-out queuing. Large Scan Window Its large scan window & small DOF help capture barcodes even when goods are bigger, or the product is being presented very close to the scan window. Another benefit for fast-paced checkouts is that less experienced users don't need to be precise when lining up codes for a successful read. Comfortable Experience The FR80 Salmon’s short & long-range illumination and anti-glare are designed for customer-facing applications, such as retail self-service and POS scanning. This prevents user being dazzled by sharp illumination and reflections. Additionally, the FR80 Salmon performs well when scanning off phone-screens. Superior Scanning Performance Packing Newland's top megapixel technology, the FR80 Salmon delivers stunning performance when decoding poor-quality and damaged barcodes, as well as higher density 2D barcodes found on alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical products. Double reading prevention The FR80 Salmon uses active sensors that know the difference between a code that’s being presented to be read from one that is not. It knows the difference between a deliberate swipe of a code compared to a code being static for longer than the natural decode time out session. This helps prevent accidental misreads of the same barcode twice. Adding more scanners The FR80 Salmon has an RJ connection available, designed to add another scanner. This is particularly useful for capturing codes on bulkier items, especially those not practical for static/conveyor POS or some self-service applications. A customer-facing POS could benefit from a dedicated scanner for loyalty codes, e-vouchers or scan to pay barcodes. Setting the tone The FR80 Salmon gives the user a choice of audible feedback tones and volumes with 2 user accessible buttons. The buttons can be deactivated as part of a custom config via the user manual or EasySet configuration software.

Warranty: 5 Years

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